A Journey Abroad Awaits

A Journey Abroad Awaits

The countdown begins..  It’s one month until my flight takes off  on June 18th to London! It’s been such a long time coming and I truly can’t wait for my very first trip abroad!

As I approach my last year in college at West Chester University  I have had the opportunity to gain a college experience that has allowed to grow individually and intellectually. Approaching my senior year an opportunity I have always hoped to experience is to study abroad. As I have explored my career opportunities at my University I have found interest in majoring in Communication studies. Although, I have always had interest in fashion and  am unable to gain insight on a career in this field at West Chester University. I have decided to take this trip not only for the experience but also the educational aspect.

I will be studying abroad at Richmond, The American International University of London studying Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. I will be traveling for three weeks throughout Europe to Paris, Milan, London and Florence. This course combines traditional classroom learning with visits to fashion museums, fashion manufacturers and fashion collections. I will learn how to market fashion in the 21st century, visual merchandising, fashion branding and how the industry in Europe differs from that of the U.S. I will see for myself the Renaissance and get inspired by the fashion houses visited in Europe.

Studying abroad is known to be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. Traveling abroad studying Fashion Marketing and Merchandising will allow me to meet friends from different backgrounds, gain cultural perspectives through an education in a new country, and create career opportunities through all that I learned and experienced on my journey.

It is truly an experience of a lifetime and I am inviting all of you to come along on my journey with me! I will be snapping my experience, posting photos on Instagram and also posting blogs along the way to keep all of my friends, family and followers updated! Feel free to follow me on all of my social media accounts. My Snapchat is @annamarieev and my instagram is @annamarievazquez and checkout my fashion blog www.aspiredbyanna.com.

My goal for this trip is to learn how to market fashion to further my fashion blog and expand it to a fashion brand one day. I believe with hard work, passion, and persistence you can accomplish anything. Currently in college I have been studying social media marketing, content marketing but now am seeking to learn fashion marketing and all that is involved within the industry. If your interested in supporting my journey check out my crowdfunding page www.fundmytravel.com. Any support for my trip abroad is truly appreciated! 🙂




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