5 Healthy Trends Evolving the Fashion Industry

5 Healthy Trends Evolving the Fashion Industry

Is admirable imagery a negative aspect affecting the business of fashion? Should brands promote a more realistic image of women?

The Fashion Industry is currently evolving through issues of diversity, health, technology, and trends. The industry is never too far from controversial, whether it is the lack of diversity, or eternal fears of body image.

Today models are becoming more vocal than ever with the rise of social media. The fashion industry plays a big role in influencing men and women in ways of self-esteem and self-image. Addressing this issue in various areas of concern is crucial to the success of the industry and our society. Various changes are beginning to occur in the business of advertising within the fashion industry that is advancing our culture to more realistic views on society.  


Social Media

Social media is rapidly changing the way agencies and clients promote and advertise their products. “Clients use social media as the new advertising medium,” explained Carole White. “Models with high social numbers are sought after by clients as they reach a targeted audience which they know has an interest in their product. The amount of followers you have is now a currency and is negotiated as such.”

The concept of a “currency” is changing the advertising industry more than we realize. This is allowing aspiring models, designers, makeup artists, and photographers to market themselves and promote a brand of their own. In my own experience working in the fashion industry, the way you promote yourself in media through accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is becoming more crucial than ever as it is a huge contribution to your success in the industry. reflecting professionalism is important to your image in the Industry.


Demand & Trends

Trends in fashion are evolving seasonally and reflect real world ideologies. The demands to illustrate the image designers seek to portray is important to the product’s success.’Authenticity’ is a theme that brands and designers are aware that their imagery, and models, must look genuine. Clients want to ensure that their integrity and brand message is clear throughout the whole project and this includes the models. Brands know what they are looking for in order to promote their designs more effectively. The fashion industry is a business within itself and the consumers are highly influenced by the growing success of the industry. In pursuing the fashion industry myself I have understood the demand to meet a certain demographic within each fashion department whether it is commercial print, or runway and fashion. Depending on your height and measurements, you are classified within the fashion industry. In retrospect, this is an issue I also face as a model in this industry. With such a passion for fashion, I hold a strong desire to pursue fashion modeling in the industry. More opportunities are becoming available to many heights and measurements on the runway. One model in particular that has impacted this change in the fashion industry is model Gigi Hadid



The issue of diversity is continuing to occur within the fashion industry today. However, diversity on the runway is improving each season. Carole White, former model and co-founder of Premier Model Management stated, “I do think the industry is embracing different races much more and you can see sizes changing too”.

A report was compiled by The Fashion Spot analyzing racial diversity on the runways. Over New York, London, Paris and Milan 77.6% of the time models on the runway were white. New York’s diversity rate was the highest, then London, Paris and Milan. From my perspective, I see progress occurring through the ethnicities of models today in the fashion industry. Fashion designers are contrasting the equality movement in their brands. One example of this is the latest Yeezy Season III fashion show held at Madison Square Garden that featured a diverse lineup of models.



Last year, France passed a bill banning excessively thin models, requiring them to present a doctor’s certificate if their weight is a concern. Also, any image portraying models as digitally altered must be marked as such.

Addressing the body-image initiative in the fashion industry is currently arising in the media and slowly making an impact towards change. The Fashion Industry’s impact on women’s self-image is a concern of our society. Promoting unhealthy body images have created issues resulting in destructive behaviors towards oneself such as anorexia, and even suicide due to self-image issues.

Has an advertisement, magazine, or picture relating to the fashion industry ever made you feel pressured to want to change your own body image?

Popular brands such as Nike, Victoria Secret, and Calvin Klein are immensely influenced in the media by the models they incorporate in their campaigns. Many brands have already acted on this issue and addressed it through  their campaigns. American Eagle’s sister store for lingerie, has launched aerie Real, a Spring 2014 ad campaign featuring all unairbrushed models. “And it’s widely held — and proven by numerous studies and surveys — that young women’s sense of body confidence is so often influenced by the images of female beauty they see in media.”

Changing the way the media views natural beauty and realistic humanity is a step towards influencing this change in brands and designers.



The modeling industry is notable as one of the only arenas where men get paid less than women.

Woman deserve the right to own this industry. Although, with the current uprising of transgender sexuality, the fashion industry is being affected. Currently, MAC has began featuring Caitlin Jenner in their latest Ad campaigns.” Jenner, who is aware of her privilege (given her immense celebrity status, she calls herself the “the exception to the rule”), is using her platform to bring awareness and aid to the too-often-ignored struggles of the transgender community by partnering with mega–beauty brand MAC Cosmetics”.

Though, many believe this will bring immense amount of controversy to the media. Although, bringing awareness to this issue through fashion can bring about change for many different causes in our society.

The future of the industry is in the hands of social media, demands and trends, diversity, health and sex. These many aspects are evolving within the business of Fashion. It’s a healthy progressing change that has been long overdue. It’s time the fashion industry reflected humanity beyond its surface value. Positive change is occurring in the industry today. Fashion is used as a platform to promote change for the world and addressing issues of awareness in our society.

What do you think? Should unrealistic ideologies of woman be perceived in advertising? Do you believe promoting realistic body imagery would be more effective?

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