5 Beach Bag Essentials

5 Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is not over just yet! It’s time to bring out your best beach essentials and enjoy what’s left of the summer sensations. Listed are a few things to be sure to never forget when preparing for your trip. Get packinnn’


Make sure you don’t forget this summer essential! Your skin needs protection from the the sun’s harmful rays. It’s a fact that our ozone layer is depleting and skin cancer rates are on the rise. Many people feel it’s okay to skip sunscreen in the sun but you will regret soakin in the sun 20 years from now when your skin ages and wrinkles begin before you know it. Some go-to brands are Neutrogena Beach Defense for body and my favorite Clear UltraMist Banana Boat Dry Oil Sunscreen Spray with Argan Oil .

SPF Face Protection

This is specific to protect your face and provides effective protection to photoaging. This product contains a high level of broad spectrum sun protection with chemical-free UV filters. SkinCeuticals daily sunscreen is available in a variety of formulations suitable for daily use and all skin types. Click here to purchase this product.

Good Read

There’s nothing like relaxing on the beach with a good book. Our minds and body need to be put in relaxation mode from time to time. There is no better place to find time for this than soaking up the sun in the sand. Research suggests that reading can act as a serious stress reliever. Make the most of your beach day and gain knowledge along the way.


Hat’s are not just a fashion accessory, well most of the time.. But in this case it can be very beneficial to bring with you to the beach. Hat’s block the sun’s rays from many different parts of your body, your head, hair, eyes, neck, nose, yeah just about your whole face. Allowing harmful rays to your face can dry it out causing wrinkles to damage that smooth skin of yours. I mean at least mine anyway.. and if you are anything like me properly protecting it is essential to keeping that skin staying soft. Staying out of the sun is no option during the summer season so snag a stylin hat and stay youthful.


It seems that sunglasses will never go out of style. They may be a fashion accessory although, Most people know the sun is damaging to the skin but did you know it is just as bad for our eyes? Staring at the sun can cause much damage to your eyesight including cataracts, blurred vision and macular degeneration which is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. Make sure when you’re shopping for sunglasses don’t just look for style check that they block out 99 to 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation to keep your vision sharp and healthy.

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